About Gravy Lessons

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Gravy Lessons was inspired by a winter spent teaching My Pirate how to make gravy.  

My Pirate thinks of gravy as a food group, but he had never learned how to make it himself, until our magical winter of gravy lessons.  I watched him smile and chortle to himself as he mastered his favorite food.  He simply took the extra step of transforming simple pan drippings into something that he loved.  That's when I realized that I needed some gravy lessons of my own.  I made a resolution to make and grow everything that I had spent years taping and jotting down into my journal.  

This blog is my journey to find the gravy lessons that matter most to me!



 About Laura


Hi.  I'm Laura Heldreth.  I laugh, cook, and garden in Vancouver, Washington - zone 8a.  I grow my organic vegetables and herbs in My Victory Garden and enjoy my dog friendly back garden with my Great Dane, Barnaby.

Since I started this blog, I have:

  • joined the WSU Master Gardeners
  • adopted a Great Dane puppy 
  • fell in love with photography
  • become a co-organizer of The Hazel Dell School and Community Garden
  • found and planted all of my dream plants listed in my journal
  • started teaching community education classes at Clark College

Let's see what the next year brings!